Plant Management

Ventus Process Engineering to include for commissioning and balancing of all process mechanical systems. The Ventus Process Engineering shall commission the new and old installations;

This shall include all temporary works and materials (spades, strainers, etc.) as explained in related document for details on commissioning and balancing requirements.

Commissioning shall include the following activities but is not limited to:

  1. Mechanical (flushing, pressure testing) and electrical checkout
  2. On-site instrumentation calibration, if required
  3. Degreasing and passivation
  4. I/O checkout
  5. Dry Testing
  6. Water testing
  7. General testing

– Setting the equipment to work

– Loop Checks

– Operational checks

The Commissioning reports for all systems are to be completed by the Ventus Process Engineering and issued as part of the handover and plant management documentation.