Plant Equipment

Ventus Process Engineering provides this service which defines the minimum requirements for the installation of mechanical equipment and accessories.


The Ventus Process Engineering shall be responsible for off-loading, unpacking, inspection, repacking and storage of all Ventus Process Engineering furnished materials and equipment. The Ventus Process Engineering shall be responsible for the inspection and removal of free-issue materials and equipment from Employer’s site storage. All material and equipment supplied with preservatives, rush inhibitors, protective covers, etc. shall be stored without removal of such protection. The Ventus Process Engineering shall review and comply with all storage instructions supplied with the equipment by the manufacturer and/or by the owner.


The Ventus Process Engineering shall employ only labour which has been qualified by training and experience to perform the specified activities required to accomplish the work in a satisfactory manner.


The full complete installation shall be the responsibility of the Ventus Process Engineering. The Ventus Process Engineering shall follow the instructions of the Supplier’s specialist erection and/or commissioning supervisor at all times, provided they do not contravene health and safety rules. The requirements for Manufacturer or Supplier technical assistance shall be at the sole discretion of the owner.


The Manufacturer’s installation instructions shall be adhered to along with the specific procedures contained in this specification. In the event of a conflict between Manufacturer’s installation instructions and this specification, the Manufacturer’s installation shall have precedence. No deviations or omissions from these instructions and procedures will be allowed without prior written approval of the owner. The Ventus Process Engineering shall prepare and submit two (2) copies of his proposed equipment installation procedures for the owner’s approval within ten (10) working days of reward of contract. The Ventus Process Engineering’s installation and safety procedures document shall be cross referenced with the piping, steelwork, civil and electrical installation procedures showing and proving the compatibility of operations. Comment of review by the Engineer in no way relieves the Ventus Process Engineering of any responsibility for the correctness and adequacy of his installation and safety procedures.


The Ventus Process Engineering install all equipment according to GMP, Health and Safety rules and customers’ specification.