Clean In Place System (CIP System)

Ventus Process Engineering has the engineering experience to produce individual solutions for each sectors. Ventus can produce different solutions for hard process conditions. CIP system can be designed manuel, semi – automation and full automation according to customers’s request. The prior design criteria of the Ventus Process Engineering aim to reduce the overall cost of the cleaning.

A CIP system will consist of tanks for preparation and storage of cleaning  chemicals, a heat exchanger to heat CIP solition and rinse water, pumps and valves for circulation of the CIP solitions and rinse water throughout the plant, instrumentation to monitor the cleaning process and tanks to recover the chemicals and rinse water. Sanitisation step can be added if necessary according to process applications.The CIP system can produce on the skid at our workshop or site.

For the control of the CIP system package itself; all automation hardware and software are engineered by the Ventus Process Engineering or its subcontractors. All instrumentation, automated valves, solenoid valve panels, VFD panels, control panels, instrumentation panels, and all wiring and tubing within the system boundary can be the responsibility of the Ventus Process Engineering. The Ventus Process Engineering can provide all components necessary for a working system. A Factory acceptance test will be completed at our site, which will be the responsibility of the Ventus Process Engineering to pass successfully.